Top seed Faugstad survives Lockdown Knockout quarterfinal against Anderson

9 May 2020
Lausanne, Switzerland
Three more quarterfinals will take place on Sunday 10 to Tuesday 12 May.

Norwegian 20-year-old Anders Faugstad shot 148 out of a possible 150 points to beat Steve Anderson by two and advance to the semifinals of the first Lockdown Knockout.

“It’s pretty special. But I do have to work harder,” said Anders. “I‘m getting a little bit lucky when I come to the liners. I have to train a little bit more to get tighter groups, but I’m really happy with the results.”

The Lockdown Knockout is the first international remote archery tournament.

Eight compound archers were invited to compete. They shot qualification on 1-4 May and were seeded in brackets for an elimination phase.

The rules, where possible, follow the standard format. However, despite shooting 18 metres, the archers are not permitted to use the fat – or wide diameter – shafts usually preferred by compounders indoors.

Faugstad adjusted to this well, topping qualification with an impressive 596 points.

But it was lowest-seeded man Anderson who started their quarterfinal stronger. While Anders put his first arrow in the nine, Steve didn’t drop a point until his ninth shot.

Nevertheless, as the fourth end began they were tied at 89 points apiece.

Anderson dropped another two over his next three arrows. Anders caught a lot of lines to build a two-point lead that would hold firm until the end of the match. The Norwegian world youth champion won, 148-146.

“It was a lot of fun. It’s very easy to miss that inner 10 with those small arrows. You have to make better than good shots, I would say,” said Steve.

“I feel alright about it. Anders shot really well, 148 is a score that would sometimes win an indoor match with regular equipment.”

Faugstad will face either Mike Schloesser or Domagoj Buden in the men’s semifinal.

Schloesser and Buden shoot their quarterfinal at 5pm CET (Lausanne time) on Sunday 10 May. The two women’s quarterfinals follow on Monday 11, when Paige Pearce faces Linda Ochoa-Anderson, and Tuesday 12, with Toja Ellison taking on Sara Lopez.

The Lockdown Knockout is the first remote international event being streamed live across World Archery’s digital platforms.